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Founder and CEO Peggy Lewis has run Brookside Interiors for 20 years specializing in the Timeshare industry, as well as hotel and resort property design. Originally starting in residential design she quickly found her niche in the hospitality industry and has worked the majority of her career there. A degreed architect and certified interior designer she brings a full skill set to every project. Peggy travels extensively and has brought elements from Europe, Central America, Africa and Asia into many of her projects.

She is known for her hands-on approach and attention to detail. Brookside Interiors considers you a partner in the creative process while relieving you of all the details of implementation. Peggy's creative side has always been a strength and is perfectly comfortable designing furniture, carpet and textiles if she doesn't find the exact fit she's looking for. She likes to keep the client close to the project thru the entire process. Once a full picture is agreed upon she manages every aspect of the job from budgeting, purchasing agent, to install and final acceptance. It is full service in every sense of the term with single source responsibility.

Design Philosophy:

Part of what makes Peggy so unique in the industry is her desire to deliver what the customer wants. She prides herself on drawing out a clients vision instead of merely filling in the blanks with her own ideas. This process can sometimes take a little longer but experience shows it is well worth the investment. It is her belief that only thru true collaboration of this type can the client achieve true satisfaction in the final product.

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